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Request to Modify Temporary Outdoor Business Operation Permit

Permit Address

    For Custom Decks Only - Upload Original and Amended Drawings

    Amended permit drawings must be signed and stamped by a responsible design professional, either registered Civil or Structural Engineer licensed in the State of California. Design professionals must include the following declarations on drawings:

    "I hereby acknowledge that I am the responsible design professional for this project and that I am accountable for compliance with the governing policies, regulations and building code requirements applicable to this installation."

    "With this submittal, I confirm that the plans and documents submitted for approval comply with the governing policies, regulations, and building code requirements that are applicable to the proposed installation. I understand that, if the installation deviates from such requirements, the installation may be required to be made code compliant or be removed at no expense to this jurisdiction (City)."

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    For Custom Decks Only - Upload Original and Amended Permit Drawings