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Request a Payment Plan

An installment plan is an alternative payment schedule established by a written agreement between PUD and a customer. The customer agrees to pay the outstanding charges on their account with equal payment installments of a dollar amount selected by the customer that meet the criteria outlined below. These payment installments are due on the same date as the customer’s current charges for water and sewer services on subsequent bills.

Installment plans are offered under the following provisions:

  • Installment plans may extend for no more than 18 bill periods.
    • ​Accounts that are billed monthly: the installment plan will be in place for 36 months, which is 36 monthly bill periods.
    • Accounts that are billed bi-monthly: the installment plan will be in place for 36 months, which is 18 bi-monthly bill periods.
  • Subsequent bills sent to customers with installment plans will contain both the current charges for water and sewer services and the installment plan amount that the customer has agreed to which will be listed as “Deferred Due” on their bill.
  • Installment plan payments must be paid on the customer’s regular bill due date in addition to their current charges.
  • If the customer closes their account, the unpaid amount remaining on their installment plan will become immediately due and payable in full, unless the customer establishes a new account at a different location serviced by PUD. In these instances, the outstanding installment plan balance will be transferred to the new account and the customer will have an opportunity to establish a new installment plan.
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