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Waste Management Form

NOTE: You must submit each permit on a separate Waste Management Form. Do NOT list multiple permits on one form.

Mandatory Construction & Demolition (C&D) Recycling

The C&D Debris Deposit Ordinance requires that the majority of construction, demolition and remodeling projects requiring building, combination and demolition permits divert C&D debris from landfill disposal. For the permit you are applying for, the following needs to be completed:

  1. Submit a completed Waste Management Form
  2. Pay a refundable C&D Debris Recycling Deposit
  3. Divert C&D debris generated from the project by recycling, reusing or donating usable materials
    1. Use Franchised Haulers (recommended to help ensure compliance)
    2. Use Certified C&D Recycling Facilities
  4. Submit all trash and recycling weight receipts, and documentation within 180 days from final inspection of the project to request the deposit

California Green Building (CALGreen) Construction Waste Management Requirements

The California’s Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen) requires that at least 65% of construction site debris and enerts generated during demolition projects, most new construction, as well as the majority of building additions or alterations be recycled, reused, or otherwise diverted from landfill disposal (see CalRecycle CALGreen C&D Requirements for a summary table). Whether or not you get a permit you are still subject to compliance. Please be advised that CALGreen has additional requirements, for more information see CalRecycle CALGreen FAQs or contact Development Services Department at (619) 446-5003. To comply with CALGreen requirements the following is required:

  1. Submit a completed Waste Management Form;
  2. Utilize a waste management company that can provide verifiable documentation that it meets 65% waste diversion;
  3. Submit all trash and recycling weight receipts


C&D Information Packet


For more information about the C&D Program, visit Construction & Demolition Recycling or email Environmental Services Department at
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